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Data broadcasting software for satellite networks

What's New!!!
Updated January 24, 2009

The biggest news for 2009 is that Milestone will be liquidating many of its high tech domain names.  Since the late 1990s, Milestone has been looking into the future and acquiring domains that relate to technologies, which back then, were only visions and dreams, but today have become reality.  We envisioned a day long before it happened that HDTV would be reality in every home, where movies would be watched more online than on the TV, and when music via satellite and through the Internet would overtake conventional radio.  If you look at our collection of names at, you will see names that reflect this vision.  

While Milestone is working on plans to develop some of these names, many of them will be sold in 2009.  Watch our site at for auction schedules and the latest information.

Our next auction, scheduled for Jan 27 through Feb 6, 2009, is and five related extensions.  The complete list to be sold in a single auction is:

There will be more auctions in 2009, with the next one planned for April 2009 -, one of our most powerful domain names.  Go to for more information on that as it develops.  If you have questions about our auctions, or want to join a mailing list for upcoming auction info, you can write to

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 The culmination of over 14 years of experience in data broadcasting software...


Windows software for transferring files reliably over a VSAT or DBS (1-way) satellite network!
VSAT-fx can broadcast files reliably from a single point to thousands of remote locations at the same time. For use in